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Inns and Public Houses references explanation

  Inns & Public Houses Most facts have been obtained from Trade directories but not all establishments in the old Morley Borough were entered in those publications and this list is intended only as a guide for more detailed studies Key F First observed entry in a Trade Directory L Last observed entry in a Trade Directory Kelly 1897 Kelly’s 1897 Trade Directory Pigot 1841 Pigot’s 1841 Trade Directory Robinson 1905 Robinson’s 1905 Trade Directory White 1853 White’s 1853 Trade Directory Baines 1822 Baines’ 1822 Trade Directory Baines 1830 Baines’ 1830 Trade Directory P.O 1861 Post Office directory 1861 P.O. 1877 Post Office directory 1877 Yearbook 29 Morley Local History Society Yearbook No 29 R.Dennis 'History on Your Doorstep W. Smith 1896 Morley Ancient and Modern by William Smith published 1896 W. Smith 1898 The public Houses of Morley – lecture by Wm Smith in Troy Hill School. Morley Observer December 16 1898.  A Morley Community Archives booklet of this lecture is available
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White Horse Inn

  Name White Horse Inn Address Baghill Green, West Ardsley Built ? Closed Yes Demolished Yes Notes F: Baines 1822, White 1853. Licensees 1853 – John Furness, 1905 – Tom Hemingway. Named on the 1854 6” O.S map


 Photo to follow Name Smithy Address Westerton Road, West Ardsley Built 1950s Closed Yes Demolished Yes Notes Built in the 1950s and the licence was transferred here by the brewery from the Fleece Inn, Morley after it closed in June 1956. Another source stated the pub opened on 11 June 1955. Brewery owner 1970 – Truman’s. The premises were converted in approximately 2014 in to a Tesco shop

Old White Bear

Photo to follow Name Old White Bear Address Junction of Thorpe Lane and Bradford Road, Tingley Built ? Closed Yes Demolished Yes Notes F: Baines 1822. Demolished in the 1970s due to the construction of the M62 and a new roundabout near the site  

New White Bear

  Name New White Bear Address Dewsbury Road, Tingley, WF3 1JX Built 1937 Closed Yes Demolished Yes Notes Original building on 1854 Ordnance survey map. Rebuilt in 1937 on the same site. Renovated in the 1970s at the time of the construction of the M62 and a new roundabout near the site. The pub was closed for approximately 10 years before being demolished in November/December 2017

New Scarborough Inn

Name New Scarborough Inn Address 47 Dewsbury Road, Tingley, WF3 1LH Built ? Closed No Demolished No Notes F: Robinson 1905, a beerhouse